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Established in 1977 Stage Miracles are the UK's leading supplier of event personnel.  We provide a complete range of services to the entertainment and corporate presentation industries using a diverse group of highly skilled staff experienced in a wide range of activities.  With over 30 years of experience in this field we have worked in probably every major UK venue and with almost every major artist you could mention.

Our experience is second to none and our service unparalleled.  We offer a 24 hour, seven days of the week dedicated service with experienced operations managers that can organise crews of any size, and who have a great depth of knowledge to help you overcome any problems that you may encounter on site.

Our accomplished Stage Managers have worked with the biggest acts and the largest shows in the world, and have won various awards for their abilities.  
We have a wide and extensive database with the countries best crew, which wins awards year in year out as voted by Promoters, Venues, and Tour Professionals.  We have an extensive network of international staff and can supply crew for shows of any size anywhere in the world.
Stage Miracles was founded by three friends who met at Middlesex University - Martin Knight, Clive Ambler, and Les Clifford.  From humble beginnings with just the 3 crew of Mart, Clive, and Les the company has gone from strength to strength.

Many of the top industry professionals have at some time been on the Stage Miracles books, and much of the success of Stage Miracles can be attributed to the extended Miracles network as many of our employers of today were employees in the past.

Stage Miracles has been a way into the industry for many an aspiring production manager and touring professional who used the experiences and skills they have acquired whilst working with us to go on become prominent figures in our industry.  This is and always has been a great source of pride for all those associated with Stage Miracles and we hope and expect many of our younger members to continue this trend for years to come.